5 Year Anniversary: PropTechMap 2021, presented by BUILTWORLD in cooperation with PwC. More than 250 international proptech companies applied to become part of Europe’s leading proptech companies.

Grown-up market? While the total number of new proptech companies is decreasing, the number of venture deals and the total amount of proptech venture capital is increasing across Europe. As the proptech market is b2b-focused, it will be of essence to quickly land deals with leading real estate companies. As Covid-19 led to a freeze of external innovation projects, it will be interesting to watch if real estate incumbents will continue and strengthen their transformation journey with proptech companies.

Technology will continue to change the way people work, live and socialize. BUILTWORLD identifies the most relevant challenges and topics of the future. We navigate through the fast and ever-changing real estate technology landscape. With the PropTechMap 2021, we utilise our innovation ecosystem to provide a unique perspective on the builtworld world of tomorrow.

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